In this post you will find out how to correctly choose prom dresses and what must be taken into account during the selection.

Individual prom dresses:

Prom gowns are chosen on the basis that you will be stunning and unforgettable during the Prom ball. Today the fashion industry presents an enormous assortment of evening and prom dresses. During the selecting of the prom dresses you must look at yourself objectively and decide what are your attributes and how to emphasize them (for example, a long neck or a great bust) and how to hide little imperfections. That is why you should not buy a dress through a catalogue or online, without first having tried it on, since even the most high quality picture cannot convey precise colors and structure. Prom gowns may look stunning on the magazine or catalogue model, but may not fit you as well. When choosing a prom dress or prom ball gown, you must first consider your own physical characteristics – pluses and minuses of the figure as well as skin tone, hair and eye color.

Comfortable prom dress

When trying on a prom dress, do not neglect to put it on the exact way it will be worn during Prom Ball – tighten the corset, zip up, button up – and ignore the salespeople who say that everything will eventually settle according to your figure. Make sure that the prom dress sits snugly and comfortably. Otherwise you won’t be able to relax while constantly worrying that the corset will come undone or that you might get entangled in the hem of the prom gown.

Same with shoes. There is no need to wear high heels or uncomfortable shoes, and you definitely should not buy shoes that are either too big or too small with the hope that they will stretch out.

An original prom dress:

Even the most beautiful prom gowns may not be original and to ensure that yours is unique, you ought to carefully study the shop’s collection and talk to the salespeople – frequently several completely different shops may offer the same prom dresses.

If you have already bought a popular prom gown, use your imagination to spice it up. Tweak it a little (add beading, take off the flower, drape the dress, etc) and, most importantly, add effective accessories to finish off the dress and make it one of a kind.

Accessories to prom dresses:

In the selection of accessories to prom dresses, it is unadvisable to economize as it is common knowledge that a properly-chosen accessory can change the overall presentation of a dress, or any attire in general. When buying any dress such as a prom dress, remember that salons usually offer a small selection of different accessories that match the dress or the shoes. However, we do not recommend that you buy everything in sight, as more does not necessarily mean better, though one or two additions can't hurt. Also remember that it is difficult to separately pick an accessory to match an already acquired dress as you will have to guesstimate the tone and structure of the material. Much better is to try them on together with the dress itself.

We also advise you to visit evening dress and prom gowns exhibitions. There you can always find out new trends and styles.