Prom night is an importent moment in life of every girl, and it will remain in her memory as her first significant adult event some time later. Of course, who wouldn’t wish to have her dress outshine all others and to be the queen of the ball? Many years later, she will be looking at the photos of that night, admiring herself and the prom dress, and secretly taking pride in herself.

How does girl choose prom dresses? It must be best not only in terms of beauty, but it should also meet a number of other additional criteria. You must feel comfortable and at ease in the prom dress, despite the seeming complexity of the attire.

Each girl selects her own model of prom dresses. Some like dresses with a bodice or bright print while others prefer elegant short or long prom dresses. Each girl wants to express her own feminine individuality and beauty.

Prom dresses with bodice

If you decided to get a prom ball gowns and a voluminous skirt, make sure that it doesn’t restrain your movements and that it allows you to breathe freely, otherwise you’ll be facing a night of torture. Bodices are extremely tight and therefore sometimes cause many discomforts as they cut into the skin. Spin around in the selected dress in front of the mirror, take a few deep breaths, and make some needless movements to assure yourself of the absence of such annoyances.

Short prom dresses

Should you select a cocktail prom dress, you'll choose high heels accordingly. But if you ventured to try on high heels for the first time, we recommend you think twice, perhaps a shorter heel would be more comfortable? A form-fitting dress, be it long or short, fits well those who do not mind small, scurrying steps and once again, stiletto shoes. A deep slit in the dress brings a special charm to those blessed with beautiful, long legs.

Prom dresses in the romantic style

Romantic prom dresses with cascades of frills and ruffles, don't suit everybody. Such evening dresses could visually add weight to the figure and ruin any intention of looking light and at ease. Beware that these dresses may gain you a few extra pounds.

Keeping in mind the above-mentioned tips, consider the fact that you will be dancing most of the Prom night, thus the prom dress must allow the body to breathe. You wouldn't want to be running around with a kerchief the whole time, drying moist shoulders, neck, and forehead. If you can be manage to be extremely careful with the expensive dress, go for it.

The range of prom dresses, like evening dresses or wedding gowns is enormous and every girl feels a little bit at a loss as to which one would suit her best. In this situation, it's best to follow the advice that “less is more.” Perhaps the little black dress, invented by Coco Chanel some 100 years ago, would be the ideal choice. Be sure